Other Topics

1619 Project

  • Get Links to reactions (example)
  • What to write about:
    • How does this all make you feel and why? What did you learn? Was there something that surprised you?
    • Did the project give you new insight?
    • What about what conservatives are saying about the project? Is the 1619 Project what the conservatives say it is? Do you understand their POV?
    • Feel free to explore anything else…. don’t just limit yourself.


  • 15th Anniversary, see also
  • Write whether or not Facebook has been good for the world or not.
  • Is it “good” or “bad” – I’ll let you define that. Why did you define it as such?
  • Expand on your answers… you can look to the 15 influencers and agree or disagree with them. Regardless, expand on your answers and the statements given. Always give the WHY. Just don’t take their thoughts and write “yes, I agree.”
  • Has your opinion changed about the social media giant over the years? Mine certainly has. Add anything else you would like… more sources? More prompts? Your choice.
  • 1000% DO NOT SUMMARIZE THE ARTICLES. I’ve read them. I don’t need a summary.


All The President’s Men

Woodward and Bernstein: Lighting the Fire (2006)

Last Week Tonight – Journalism

Net Neutrality

  • Reading
  • Reference the videos and article within your response.
  • What did you know about net neutrality before?
  • Of the three videos, which one gave you the best explanation about net neutrality? Why and how did they do so? Can you explain Net Neutrality in your own words? What did you learn? What happened after LWT with John Oliver aired this piece in 2014? There are way more videos from Oliver on this issue but this is the only required response. Unless you want to expand here.
  • What is the current state of Net Neutrality?
  • Can you see any reason to agree with net neutrality’s repeal?

Political Correctness & Language

Read these three articles:

Fake News

Read the following two long form magazine articles and the newspaper article:

Answer the following questions:

  • What is fake news? If you don’t know, go look it up.
  • What is your immediate reaction to these articles? What stood out to you?
  • Do you agree/disagree with “America losing its mind?”
  • Do you think the term “fake news” is accurate? Why or why not. What word would you use in its place?
  • Should Facebook or other sites be held to a journalistic standard? What standard do you think that should be? Should people be held to a standard?
  • Discuss what is going on with Facebook in the WIRED article.
  • Should truth be up for debate?